The South Beach Heart Program: The 4-Step Plan that Can Save Your Life (The South Beach Diet)

The South Beach Heart Program: The 4-Step Plan that Can Save Your Life (The South Beach Diet)

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  • A pioneering cardiologist and the author of the international bestseller The South Beach Diet presents the truth about cardiac care in this country and offers his proven program for preventing heart attacks and strokes.

    This year alone more than 1 million men and women in this country will suffer a heart attack or stroke. The shocking fact is that the majority of heart attacks and strokes can be prevented with the medical knowledge we already possess. Yet this isn't happening. Why? Because doctors and hospitals are paid more to treat disease with invasive techniques like angioplasty and bypass surgery than to prevent it. In his most personal and passionate work yet, Dr. Arthur Agatston champions a revolution in heart disease prevention that will enable people to stay out of the hospital and off the operating table.

    In Part 1 of this compelling book, he tells you why seemingly healthy people can suddenly have a heart attack and why people with great cholesterol numbers can be walking time bombs. He explains why belly fat can be an early warning sign of future heart disease and why a noninvasive heart scan can help predict your risk of heart attack. In Part 2, he presents the South Beach Heart Program, his 4-step plan for detecting, preventing, and even reversing heart disease: The 4 steps include: Heart-healthy eating, regular aerobic and core-strengthening exercise, state-of-the art diagnostic testing, and the latest heart-protective medications, as necessary. Thanks to his aggressive prevention approach, Dr. Agatston rarely sees a heart attack or stroke in his practice. Now you can benefit from the prevention strategy he uses to help his patients every day.

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    Agatston (medicine, Univ. of Miami; The South Beach Diet) adds yet another book to his successful series. A cardiologist for more than 30 years, Agatston focuses his expertise on what he knows best: maintaining a healthy heart. He espouses four preventive techniques: diet, exercise, diagnostic tests, and medications. The first half of the book includes Agatston's reasoning for utilizing these preventive measures, documented studies and patient testimonials, a gender-specific questionnaire, and information on when invasive surgeries such as angiograms and angioplasties might be necessary. The second part is devoted to Agatston's four-step plan, with a basic overview and sample meal plans from the South Beach Diet, a detailed workout regimen of walking and Pilates-based exercises, and discussions of which medical tests are most important in monitoring one's heart and which prescription and over-the-counter medications (and supplements) are most beneficial and why. Those previously reluctant to take medications won't necessarily be persuaded by Agatston's confidence, and the diet chapter is too slight for most to grasp but ultimately, Agatston's popularity makes this a necessary purchase for public libraries.

  • Author: Agatston, Arthur.
  • Publisher: Rodale Books
  • Pages: 304
  • Publication Date: 2006
  • Edition: 1st
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