Dirty White Boys: A Novel

Dirty White Boys: A Novel

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  • They busted out of McAlester State Penitentiary—three escaped convicts going to ground in a world unprepared for anything like them....

    Lamar Pye is prince of the Dirty White Boys.  With a lion in his soul, he roars—for he is the meanest, deadliest animal on the loose....
    Odell is Lamar's cousin, a hulking manchild with unfeeling eyes.  He lives for daddy Lamar.  Surely he will die for him....
    Richard's survival hangs on a sketch: a crude drawing of a lion and a half-naked woman.  For this Lamar has let Richard live...

    Armed to the teeth, Lamar and his boys have cut a path of terror across the Southwest, and pushed one good cop into a crisis of honor and conscience.  Trooper Bud Pewtie should have died once at Lamar's hands.  Now they're about to meet again.  And this time, only one of them will walk away....

    Pixel Planet

    Hunter s writing style is crisp and compact, and flies along. He has a knack for boiling things down to simple, effective phrases. He also has a great knack at dialogue....If you ve read crime novels in the past but have become bored with the genre, Dirty White Boys may be the cure.

  • Author: Hunter, Stephen.
  • Publisher: Dell
  • Pages: 496
  • Publication Date: 1995-11-05T00:00:01Z
  • Edition: First Printing
  • Binding: Mass Market Paperback
  • MSRP: 8.99
  • ISBN13: 9780440221791
  • ISBN: 044022179x
  • Other ISBN: 9780307779847
  • Other ISBN Binding: printisbn
  • Language: en_US
  • Quality Rating: 1
  • "Book cover image may be different than what appears on the actual book."

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