Luke's Story (The Jesus Chronicles)

Luke's Story (The Jesus Chronicles)

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  • Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins forever changed the world of publishing with their phenomenal Left Behind series, which has sold more than 65 million copies. Now they are teaming up again to bring to life the glorious, dramatic story of Jesus Christ, told through the eyes of the Gospel writers— Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. What Left Behind did for the Book of Revelation, The Jesus Chronicles will do for the Gospels.

    Luke never met Jesus. Unlike the other Gospel writers, he never witnessed Jesus perform miracles or heard Him impart the Word that healed the souls of so many. No, his was a belief built on faith alone, like that of believers today. And his Gospel, filled with the stories of the Lord's divinity, speaks to the hearts of Christians everywhere.

    In Luke's Story, we follow him as he rises from Greek slave to university-educated physician. Along the way, he meets Saul of Tarsus, a formidable Hebrew debater who becomes both Luke's role model and greatest competitor. Luke is intrigued but skeptical when he hears tales of a man named Jesus who purportedly performs great miracles of healing. But the dramatic story of the conversion and redemption of Saul, now called Paul, and the miraculous healing of one of his own patients by prayer, irreversibly changes Luke's spiritual life. He pledges himself to Christ and makes the life-changing choice to write a Gospel based on years of interviewing believers about their conversions and listening to stories of the Lord's life from those who knew Him—most important, His mother, Mary.

    Luke wrote his Gospel to appeal to women, nonbelievers, and the disenfranchised. The result is scripture rich in the miraculous stories of Jesus that touches people all over the world today.

    Publishers Weekly

    Authors of the highly successful Left Behind series of apocalyptic novels, pastor LaHaye and author Jenkins base their stories on Christian scripture. Their latest religious fiction project examines the era and story of Jesus Christ by constructing accounts of each Gospel writer's life. This volume of The Jesus Chronicles recounts the life story of the author of the Gospel of Luke. Luke, born as Loukon into a family of slaves, earns the respect of his master, Theophilus, as a child and is sent to the university in Tarsus to study medicine. From this point on, the plot, unfortunately, becomes contrived. While at school, Luke meets Saul, an arrogant fellow student who later becomes known as Paul after his conversion. Luke develops a hobby of writing stories and eventually composes his gospel at the feet of Mary, the mother of Jesus, who, while old and somewhat feeble, is able to recall the exact words her son spoke 20 years before. Fans of the authors' earlier work will likely appreciate this account, but it is unlikely to win any converts. (Feb.)

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    LaHaye, Tim.
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