Meetings with Mary: Visions of the Blessed Mother

Meetings with Mary: Visions of the Blessed Mother

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  • Through the centuries and across the world, the Virgin Mary has appeared to ordinary people of every race and culture, from scholars to illiterates, from the devout to the unbelieving, from young children to the dying. In this exquisite and inspiring volume, Janice T. Connell chronicles authenticated Marian apparitions and messages Mary has brought from God—as mother, comforter, Queen of Angels, and Prophet of the Apocalypse.
    Drawn from scripture, legend, and never-before-published eyewitness accounts, these are personal stories—the author's own, and her interviews with other visionaries—filled with beauty, wonder, and joy. Meetings with Mary ranges from Elijah's vision of Mary eight hundred years before her birth to the world-famous children of Medjugorje in Bosnia, whose encounters with her began in 1981 and continue daily. Here also are lesser-known, deeply touching encounters with the Mother, from an office worker in Holland to a Japanese nun, from a Jewish banker in Rome to an awestruck crowd of visionaries, few of them Christians or of any other faith, in Egypt.
    Meetings with Mary asks also: as the millennium draws near, shadowed by disasters, disease, and brutal civil warfare, are Mary's frequent appearances a signal to the faithful? Perhaps she is calling us all to join her now on a voyage toward the eternal shores of peace, joy, and abiding love. . . .
    "[Connell is] passionate about prayer and sharing her love of Jesus'
    mother. . . . She has a way of simplifying complex theology."
    —Rocky Mountain News

    Publishers Weekly

    Is this the Age of Mary? While the apparitions of Mary, Mother of Jesus, being reported from around the globe, are not unique to the 20th century, they are increasing in number, according to Connell. ``People of all faiths, all religions and nations,'' she writes, ``are hearing and seeing the Mother of God as never before in recorded history.'' She chronicles many of these encounters, beginning with an early Christian tradition about the Prophet Elijah, continuing with well-known stories like Lourdes and Guadalupe, then concentrating on a host of 20th-century visions. People who have experienced the apparitions seem to have received messages ecumenical and apocalyptic in tone. Most of the stories recounted here include both the text of Mary's message and a devotional interpretation as well. Though a rich source of Mary lore, the book will probably find its audience largely among those already comfortable with Roman Catholicism (Nov.)

  • Author: Janice T. Connell.
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • Pages: 416
  • Publication Date: 1996-10-29T00:00:01Z
  • Edition: PF
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